Panorama from Stronafian Community Forest to the blue afforested hills of Bute and Kilfinan

Today a group of directors with potential contractors visited the highest point in Stronafian Community Forest – of which a panorama above. We were nearly blown away by the ferocious April blast. But the views were terrific! The forests of Bute and Kilfinan in the blue distance to the south. Our forest closer at hand. Invigorating. A good reminder, as we sit at desk or in kitchen burrowing into the interweb,  of how we should get out more often into the heathery, blustery hills. Certainly there was lots of thigh strain, huff, puff and deep breathing – and that was getting out of the car.

By the way, this weekend we have the Bin Men in Colintraive Village Hall from 6pm onwards on Saturday, and there’s also the big archaeology weekend at the chambered cairn in the Forest. A great weekend to be in ColGlen. More accurate details here. And more photos soon!

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