We’re number-crunching the GPS coordinates for all the Lairds and Ladies’ Plot numbers

As is obvious from the picture, this is not a trivial task. The GPS coordinates we’re generating have to be processed using excel, then a text editor, and then parsed into SQL. At the same time, we’re relating the coordinates to specific plot numbers according to the schematic we drew up right at the beginning of the project in December 2007. These things take time, and we are still calibrating the results, so its all not entirely accurate yet.

If you would like to get an idea of where your plot is, please visit our beta app, here.

12 thoughts on “We’re number-crunching the GPS coordinates for all the Lairds and Ladies’ Plot numbers”

  1. Mine is N11272E7, its not up yet but if I understand correctly your having to employ a valet to input the data manually………this could take some time Laird Charles but as Budha once said ‘the ox is slow but the earth is patient’ 😉

  2. I had hours of fun using the Google Earth app to track the view driving to & from my plot of land on the Dunans Estate! Well, it didn’t go onto the road from the highway onto the estate, but I know what the drive will look like getting to that intersection! I can’t wait for my next trip to Scotland to visit my plot & tour the estate. Thank you so much for going to all the trouble of making this available for us to see from “across the Pond”!

  3. I was able to locate my plot!!! Great work!!! Just wonder how many lairds/ladies of Dunans Castle there are at present…

  4. On a visit to Bute decided to visit Dunans castle but found it impossible by public transport. Thursday 1st August – Took coach trip to Dunoon when the driver announced he had to go back via Glendaruel. Pulled in long enouch for me to visit and wonder at Telford’s bridge and views of castle; Left a card- note as driver called me back due to alleged parking hazard . Sad I could not properly arrange a visit but thrilled to see it all if only for a few minutes. Sorry Charles and all fellow Lairds but please keep me and ‘Lady Edna’ in touch with developments. Did you find my little card on bridge?

    1. Dear Lady Edna, Thank you so much for your comment. I was away at the time, but I have heard from Colin our Tour Guide that we did indeed find the card. He has promised to let me have it next week so I shall be reading your message then! So glad you made it! Kind regards, Charles

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