Great article in @theGuardian by eminent environmental commentator @GeorgeMonbiot on why he’d vote for Independence

Here’s the comment I have just posted in the comments section:

Thanks George you have articulated why I’ll be voting for Independence. Communities across Scotland are already using the first Land Reform act to access the right to buy when estates and land come up for sale. Its an arduous process, but for many one which brings manifold benefits – look at Sleat, Northwest Mull, Kilfinan and even our community in Glendaruel. Once communities in Scotland had no chance of owning anything, surrounded as they were by the huge landowners you describe, now at least they have a chance. Independence is seen at a non-partisan level as the opportunity to drive forward the type of reforms Andy Wightman talks about, the sort of reforms which will never be fully available to us under the Union.

The article is here

The picture is a panorama of Stronafian Forest which the Colintraive and Glendaruel Development Trust bought in February 2013.

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