The Design for the new Flag for the @DunansCastle Project is finalised!

dunanssaltireWe have recently had some requests for a Dunans Castle Project flag, one that all the Lairds and Ladies can get hold of and fly if and as they so desire. Well, today I am delighted to say, we have finalised our design and the order for the prototype has been made. Once we’ve received the flag we’ll check the colour reproduction, and adjust the final pantones accordingly.

All we need now is a flag pole!


6 thoughts on “The Design for the new Flag for the @DunansCastle Project is finalised!”

  1. Brilliant idea ,what about badge for glengarry with hackle .by way thanks got the tie I send some photos of royal garden party ,all best chris

    1. Like that idea Chris … And glad you received the tie and we’ll look forward to the photos! Kind regards,


  2. Want a flag to fly here in my USA home. Also, how does anyone get a castle tartan? It would be an honor to wear it at my Scottish Society of Mobile meetings.

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