Waiting for websites to be upgraded? Then paint the Office green and listen to @BenAaronovitch ‘s superb Broken Homes!

Spent Sunday painting the office while fielding emails from our new hosting company’s technical support as they transferred everything to our new server. While the technical stuff isn’t complete, the office is looking fab and I got to spend several hours in the company of Ben Aaronovitch’s Broken Homes – truly superb audio book in an ever-growing series about the supernatural beings of London.

Here’s the blurb:

61o4WYbZ6XL._SL300_A unique blend of police procedural; loving detail about the greatest character of all, London; and a dash of the supernatural. A mutilated body in Crawley. Another killer on the loose. The prime suspect is one Robert Weil: An associate of the twisted magician known as the Faceless Man? Or just a common or garden serial killer? Before PC Peter Grant can get his head round the case a town planner going under a tube train and a stolen grimoire are adding to his caseload. So far so London. But then Peter gets word of something very odd happening in Elephant and Castle….

One rock solid tip from the painting though: do not, I repeat do not, have the cheek to paint the boards around an active wasps nest. They do not like that. Possibly green wasn’t their colour.

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