Working on the 5 year plan for @DunansCastle today and the big news is … we can do it!

The picture that heads this post shows the 5 year cashflow for restoring the castle. I’ve been working out how the financial demands for the work on the project can be catered for utilising a mix of income from Scottishlaird, grant-funding and finance. The figures show it is possible at present levels, but it would be much more comfortable if the ScottishLaird project kept expanding at its current rate (of course!).

The reason we’re looking at this now is that we will soon know whether the bridge restoration project, led by the Dunans Charitable Trust, will get funding – this is effectively the ‘go’ button for the entire site and will lock us into a five year process that will mean we’ll open the building for visitors sometime early in 2019.

Obviously there are some critical stop/go moments. The grant-funding is one, listed building consent is another, loan finance yet another, but if there is anything I have learned from working with CGDT over the years, is that any project, large or small, is unstoppable once it gets momentum.

So now that the cashflow is roughed out, the next step is to put together plans for how the ScottishLaird project will maintain its momentum, continuing to sell decorative titles and also all the other products which will help to restore out Highland Castle. We’re looking at mugs, calendars, garments and more books (of course), but more excitingly (for techheads like me) we’re considering a game for smartphones – considering only at the moment, but given the revenues generated in the casual gaming market at present, this could represent a huge opportunity.

All I am wondering now is, what type of game should it be? A Castle restoration sim perhaps? Or maybe that’s too close to the bone?

But first the 5 year plan – and here’s the gant chart it’ll be based on!


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