Finalised Interpretation at Dunans with Pictures of Walltop Clearance last October

IMG_0146This morning, having finally signed off on the coding work I’d been doing to make the ScottishLaird production process more efficient, I went back to the third of our lectern slides, wanting to increase the variety of pictures we’d used. It occurred to me to look out the pictures of Browns of Strone working on the walltops.

IMG_0148To my shame I did not take a useable photo of the cherry-picker entirely extended (wanting to actually get on the thing and see the castle from a different angle), but I did have this sequence, which shows the guys making their first ‘ascent’ up the North face of the castle (makes it sound like mountaineering doesn’t it?).

Anyway, I thought I’d share the photos as only two of them will get used on the signage.

And finally below is the jpeg of the sign as it will be printed, with all the crop marks, bleeds and artworks in place. It’ll look great on the third of Mike’s lecterns and adorn the drive apron in front of the castle.


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