Defining the size of the task: New internal elevations of Dunans Castle

AOC’s laser survey has output some very interesting internal elevations of the castle. These will be used to begin the design work on the building over the next few months.

The featured image above is the preliminary specification for the clearance work which will have to be completed before detailed drawings are attempted.

We’re presently obtaining costs on this work, and will report back shortly on the revised programme.

This plan of the castle shows where the sections have been taken. The ends are squared off in the direction we’re looking at.
Elevation 1: View Northwest from behind the front facade, notice the main turret on the left. Elevation 2: View Northeast through the main apartment towards the old house showing the level of the detritus remaining to be cleared
These multiple elevations, 3, 3A and 3B show the sort of detail we will need to specify the works. Also interesting here is the cross section of the main turret, on the right.
This fourth elevation shows the remains of the wall behind the facade, looking South-east, much of which is visible from the front door of the castle
The full preliminary specification for clearance