Scottish Laird takes next step: Facebook and Shopify stores in beta and live now!!

Well, we got tired of waiting and being restrained and tonight have pushed the big red “Go Live” button on our Shopify and Facebook stores which are presently in beta testing – actually its more of unchecking a password protection check box, but you get the idea. All our favourite Lairds and Ladies on FB can buy our titles and merchandise directly on Facebook as well as at our superb new Shopify store here.

In fact there’s a great discount on the Shopify store, as well as some delightful products and new payment methods – we can now take CCs independently of Paypal (“Hurrah!” I hear some of you shout).

By the end of the month the old iteration of ScottishLaird.com will be sidelined and the Shopify store will be our main online outlet. Exciting times!

Here’s a screen grab of the FB store, and above is a banner from the Shopify store …