This day in 1999 …

… we were married at the Glen House in Peebles. Thank you darling, it’s been 16 extraordinary and very wonderful years ….

Double-Double Yolker! Two eggs, four yolks …

Working lunch today at ScottishLaird was delicious and amazing at the same time.

Highly appropriate given that my dear old Grandfather was chairman of the Egg Board during the “Go to Work on an Egg” campaign in the 70s.

Cracking story to make a meal of, eh?*

*all jokes thanks to Jean


Sprung Spring! Gorgeousness at Dunans!

Sometimes it takes a new eye to see a new angle in a new season to really show how wonderful this place looks. Alex, TWTC’s intern, took these wonderful panoramic images on Saturday …



Compulsory Sunday Reading: A manifesto for a new politics from the CofE


I’ve just spent three-quarters of an hour reading the Church of England’s (CofE) letter “Who is my neighbour?”, and what struck me most forcefully was how many of the CofE’s recommendations were embodied in the debate around the referendum last year – whichever way you voted  – in direct contrast to the way the General Election seems to be panning out.

In its conclusions the CofE recommends:

  • Halting and reversing the accumulation of power and wealth in fewer and fewer hands, whether those of the state, corporations or individuals.

  • Involving people at a deeper level in the decisions that affect them most.

  • Recognising the distinctive communities, whether defined by geography, religion or culture, which make up the nation and enabling all to thrive and participate together.

  • Treating the electorate as people with roots, commitments and traditions and addressing us all in terms of the common good and not just as self-interested consumers.

  • Demonstrating that the weak, the dependent, the sick, the aged and the vulnerable are persons of equal value to everybody else.

  • Offering the electorate a grown up debate about Britain’s place in the world order and the possibilities and obligations that entails.

Sensational Seventy! A Very Happy Birthday!


To celebrate Dad’s Seventieth – which is today – we all went to Megeve and had a cracking time – it was truly superb. Happy Birthday Dad!

(And thanks Roger Bailey for your photo – it cam out really well!)


Our Sunday Project: Flying Bassett mural in the office.

The girls had a blast creating the mural – their first commission! It adorns the office wall and will amuse me as I work at and on Dunans.


” … thanks to the IPCC, no one will ever be able to say they weren’t warned.”

… about Climate Change. This is one of the reasons why I joined the Scottish Greens. And the IPCC report is by its very nature conservative according to Bill McKibben who I quote in the title of this post.

What are you going to do?

Here’s the headline article in the Guardian this morning.

Dunans and the Seaplane: Loch Lomond Seaplanes fly us over Dunans on a perfect day for photos!

Today we had a marvellous outing courtesy of Sadie. For my birthday last year my darling wife gave me a jaunt in the Loch Lomond Seaplane. Well, today we finally got to go. It was a truly brilliant day out, and the highlight was of course circling Dunans in the morning sunlight before going off for lunch at Loch Voil. We thoroughly recommend this as a great way of seeing Argyll and especially Cowal which on the right day is spectacular!

Who knew? Its our flag at the end of the rainbow – not a pot of gold!

Need say no more than look at this great pic taken by Sue this afternoon!


Burning stumps: After a year of seasoning the remains of the larches, we decided it was time to clear them …

A quiet Sunday, lots of brash and some stumps. A great way to develop a proper thirst over the course of a day.

With bonfire expertise provided by the inimitable Bruce Allen and labour by myself we burned through three and made inroads into another three. By the end of the operation access into the woodland at the top of Dunans policies was properly enabled.

The pints of Highlander were especially welcome that evening. Now all I have to do is put in the culverts!

IMG_2145 IMG_2146