The book of the Dunans Conservation plan is shaping up well …

This is one of my favourite spreads at the moment – with a picture taken in October of the full panorama of the top of the building.

We’re copy-editing at the moment and waiting to receive hi-res scans from the National Library of Scotland of some of the early Ordnance Survey maps – which have a surprising amount of the detail on them.

The book will be published in the next 6 weeks or so, with much fanfare and hullaballoo!

Music for putting up shelves while its raining outside …

Ezra Furman – Day of the Dog

Along with the new Jake Bugg album, this inhabits my playlist every day!

Misty, Moisty Tree Tops at Dunans Castle

The view from the cabin in the woods where the ScottishLaird team work.

HANDY Study from NASA has just Ruined my Saturday morning…

This is credible, specific and convincing. We all know what to do. When will we start doing it?

Laying out TWTC’s play “the Alloway Rap” into a New Book

Bringing Sadie’s modern version of Tam O’Shanter into print form for a new audience. The book will be another month or so in production and then be ready to download and/or buy as a hard-copy. Can’t wait – and the soft proofs I have onscreen now are looking really lovely. Properly readable too for a P1-P7 Cast. Pictures when the boss approves them!

Rules for Writing that every Writer needs to Read

Some of these are wonderful. Particularly the short ones. Like Philip Pullman’s. Much rather read this than tick off the books I’ve read, particularly when so many of them make their first rule: Write, just write.

Brilliant Branding for ACT

Oh the joy of seeing a brand come together! Just thought I’d share the latest iteration of the graphics that has been sent over from Digital Soul Design for comment.

Community Benefit from Renewables from the Inside

As chair of the Colintraive and Glendaruel Development Trust, an organisation which has benefitted from a small income or community benefit from the Cruach Mhor Windfarm Trust over the last decade, I have been asked to give a couple of presentations on our community’s experience. Of course I can provide a lot of feedback about what CBR has meant to our community, but I am also interested in sign-posting the experiences of other communities with regard to Community Benefit from Renewables so if anyone wishes to contribute, please leave a comment below!

Marketing Plan for TWTC

Looking at the next four years and how we expand the business while ensuring the values of mobility, flexibility, professionalism and profitability remain in tact. Hopefully get it finished by tomorrow evening


Setting up CCC to keep up with activity on a daily basis and to distribute to Twitter and FB