#ScottishPlaywright: The Alloway Rap by Sadie Dixon-Spain is published

allowayrapcoverDelighted to announce that the first print run of Sadie’s play for voices, The Alloway Rap have arrived and are now available for sale here in a commemorative edition for Scotland’s  Year of Homecoming 2014.

This is the first in a series of Sadie’s plays that we will be publishing over the next couple of years. We’ve several on the blocks, all telling stories of communities and clans across Scotland, and all of them, like this one, will have pictures of performance, audiences and venues.

Special mention for Kilmodan Primary School who were an integral part of the play’s development.


#ISBN 978-1-910326 is the prefix for #DunansCastle Ltd. publishing

Within the next couple of months we will be publishing the Alloway Rap (ISBN 978-1-910326-00-8), and also a whole raft of Dunans Castle consultation documents in hardback, softback, pdf and ibook format. All of these will use the abovenoted prefix.

Tam and Meg gallop out of the cover of a forthcoming book

allowayrapgraphic… artwork for the cover of Alloway Rap. Notice the signal black, white and orange – no where have I seen that before? The TWTC logo possibly?

The font is ‘Cracked’ by the way and it was drawn in illustrator.


So that’s the ISBNs for the new books ordered – we’re getting closer!

Getting really very excited about publishing the Conservation Plan for Dunans and the Alloway Rap by Sadie.