A Valentines Day Gift: Chocolates from ScottishLaird

Not sure we need to say much more, except that our sensational selection of six Scottish chocolates were made as a special commission for us by the excellent Caramiche Chocolatiers who can be found in Dunoon in a gorgeous haze of chocolateness … Chocolates helping restore a castle in Scotland – wonderful!

1000-collection 1000-overhead-box

There’s the Dunans Dram, the Castle Cranachan, Wild River Raspberry, Highland Honeybee, the Laird’s Retreat and the Lady’s Secret …

Now at our website, ScottishLaird.com, but hurry, we have only very limited stocks!


Act Alfresco: Help promote our gorgeous neck of the woods

Launched today a great wee time-limited fund for everyone with outdoor summer events to get their teeth into!

£100 to act Alfresco

We love being outside and enjoying Argyll and the Isles. That’s why we act in a number of ways to enhance, protect and promote our environments.

act_AlfrescoIt’s also why we’re offering you £100 to also act positively in our environments by doing things that help people enjoy the wonderful scenery, nature and pursuits that our neck of the woods has to offer. If it’s something you are doing already or something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the funds, we can help.

Visit here for details of how to apply and terms and conditions. This offer is available to individuals and to groups.

Photo of Dunans @sunset walking back to the house after a big day on the conservation plan.

Sometimes the interaction of landscape and building is stunning, although mere photos are often not able to catch the full width, breadth and height of the stunningness involved – and I suspect this is one such case. Lucky to live where I do.