Thank Groupon Its Friday! Yes, we’re up to our knees in another Groupon UK Promo …

… beginning tonight at midnight, we have another UK promotion of our River titles. Not only that we’ve also been prepping Swedish and Danish campaigns while also fulfilling Norwegian and Finnish orders. Which is great because we also just heard that our architect, Robin Kent is about to start work on the first of our listed building consents for the Castle.


On another front, while entering the codes for the promotions, I’ve been designing new signage for the Drivehead. Not of course to replace the Dunans Castle sign, but to give clearer instructions to folk visiting. Right are the initial sketches …

And because it is Friday, and the photo amuses me greatly, here’s Barty bouncing through the Bluebells this May!

New Interpretation for Dunans Bridge installed on a truly glorious Argyll Tuesday!

A beautiful day on which to install our new signage (spot the lectern in the top image). Took some more photos of the grounds (and of course Barty!).

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Video: Barty Basset Hound Sleeping Very, Very Loudly!

Barty Bassett Sleeping Loudly.

Click on the link to hear Barty sleeping soundly and so loudly that we were unable to hear the TV.

Narcissi, Primula & Barty: a winning combination for tours at Dunans this Spring!

To celebrate that Spring really may finally have sprung, three photos. The first two are very much about the grounds. The narcissi come up every year and are a delight – banks of them in front and behind and around the castle. The primroses seem to have had an excellent year this year and are now present on both approaches to the bridge. Perhaps this explosion is to do with the significantly warmer winter we had this year, and perhaps this explains Barty the basset hound’s sprightliness – I haven’t seen him move this quickly, ever. So quick was he I nearly didn’t capture him fully – as it is his head is blurred. Barty the Ballistic Bassett perhaps?

If you want to meet Barty, see the beautiful grounds, and hear about the progress of the restoration, book a tour now at (we run tours Mon-Weds-Fri at 12 noon, April-October) £2.50 p/p, free for Lairds and Ladies!

Yesterday, waiting for the last bus of the Spring term, lemonhead Barky and my eldest.

waitingSounds like the title of a great album, but it’s not, it’s just part of the daily round. A great part, waiting for the bus and talking about the yesterday, tomorrow, or even just what we’re hoping for today. And after the girls are picked up, me and the barkster will wend our way to work and the wooden shed, the first cup of tea and the Borders Biscuit club – well, I’ll have the drink – Barty may get a few crumbs if he’s lucky.