Journey to the Heart of #DunansCastle: the Drawing Room

Last week I ventured into the library and took some atmospheric pictures of that segment of the castle. This week, or rather over the weekend I ventured into the Drawing Room compartment of the castle to survey the job in hand. As I said last time I am preparing to start the clearance work, and this is the area where we’ll start. This first shot is from the double-width aperture in the south elevation of the castle.

0IMG_3937This compartment is as full, if not more so, than the library – it also contains one of Andy McLintock’s sculptures!

As you step inside however and look up you are confronted with some safety challenges:

0IMG_3941Right above your head is this small, vestigial platform, hanging from which is a sash weight – an actual sword of damocles while the entrance is cleared. This will be one of the first tasks: to remove platform and weight before doing anything further …

The wall to the left in the above picture, is shown below at is imposing, vertiginous best below:

0IMG_3939And just to reassure everyone, that this photo, taken from below aforementioned sword of Damocles, was accompanied by as much safety gear as possible!

To give the viewer a sense of the size of the compartment I took another vertical panorama:

0IMG_3942While this is the most accessible of the compartments, there is an awful lot of materiel to clear, not least the wood. Once a path is cleared to the turret we’ll do another series.

For now though here’s a final panorama showing the full extent of the infill.







Clearing Dunans Castle: the tender for the clearance and consolidation work has been issued.

This last week, the team behind the castle renovation, particularly Robin Kent Architecture and Conservation has issued the tender for the clearance and consolidation of the castle. This is an essential pre-requisite for the final design on the castle itself, as well as laying the groundwork for the renovation as well. We’re delighted to have reached this stage.

We’ve included the full tender document below (for those who are interested), as well as some of the indicative drawings, showing the type of interventions our Structural Engineer, Steve Ward of David Narro Associated has in mind.

The tender is here.

Defining the size of the task: New internal elevations of Dunans Castle

AOC’s laser survey has output some very interesting internal elevations of the castle. These will be used to begin the design work on the building over the next few months.

The featured image above is the preliminary specification for the clearance work which will have to be completed before detailed drawings are attempted.

We’re presently obtaining costs on this work, and will report back shortly on the revised programme.

This plan of the castle shows where the sections have been taken. The ends are squared off in the direction we’re looking at.
Elevation 1: View Northwest from behind the front facade, notice the main turret on the left. Elevation 2: View Northeast through the main apartment towards the old house showing the level of the detritus remaining to be cleared
These multiple elevations, 3, 3A and 3B show the sort of detail we will need to specify the works. Also interesting here is the cross section of the main turret, on the right.
This fourth elevation shows the remains of the wall behind the facade, looking South-east, much of which is visible from the front door of the castle
The full preliminary specification for clearance

Saturday Sawmill: Finally beginning the next stage of grounds management at Dunans

photo 2Its taken four weeks to get the Lucas Mill into place in the woodland at the top of the hill, but on Saturday I managed to get the first Larch logs through the mill. Over two hours I produced 30 4x1s as a test, and hope for my next session, sometime this week, I’ll be able to produce considerably more.

The timber will be used on more signage lecterns, boardwalks, seating and other such necessary visitor furniture!

photo 3