The Conservation Plan for Dunans, Lairds and Ladies edition is Published!


Both the commemorative edition for Lairds and Ladies, and the PDF version have finally been published on This marks the first stage in the consultation on the plan, and all answers will contribute to the development of our plans for the building, grounds and bridge.

Final Proof of the Conservation Plan for Dunans in from Lulu today – we’re so close to publishing the book I can smell it!

That’s the printer’s ink, the new paper and the ozone of a press that I can smell … No, but really the proof is a live book printed by Lulu, ordered three days ago and received today – and it’s lovely and glossy and just beautiful.

We’re looking for a small Scottish printer at the moment to do a run of between 250-500 hardbacks with dust jackets. And that run will be the primary publication, but we’ll continue with the more expensive Lulu version to enable easy sales around the world.

The PDF version is also nearing completion, and that’ll be immediately available on the Scottish Laird website. It’s not as glossy, but all of the text is there, albeit in a more compressed typographical form!

Final, final draft of the #DunansCastle Conservation Plan is now exporting, and next is the Consultation Survey!

What with slight adjustments for a different format, some shenanigans with the style sheets and taking-over some entries in the index, its been slow work on the book today, but as you’ll see from the image the design of the structure for the consultation form is well-advanced (a well spent lunchtime!). The book will be published soon via Print-on-Demand service Lulu and as soon as it does we need to have the survey up and running.

The idea is that we will use the Lulu service to create proofs which will help us ensure colour and typography all work within the format we have chosen. Thence onto creating a small short-run edition of hardbacks with a Scottish Print firm we have yet to choose.


#ISBN 978-1-910326 is the prefix for #DunansCastle Ltd. publishing

Within the next couple of months we will be publishing the Alloway Rap (ISBN 978-1-910326-00-8), and also a whole raft of Dunans Castle consultation documents in hardback, softback, pdf and ibook format. All of these will use the abovenoted prefix.

Dunans Castle Ltd. gets its own site to signpost everything we’re doing!

We’re about to publish a couple of books, and because of that, and because it often helps external agencies to clarify what an organisation does, we decided to create a new corporate website for what we do.

The new website is here.

By the way the picture is of the date plaque on Dunans Bridge and it was taken in 2013 by Jean Donaldson of PowanMedia