We must act on Global Warming: Climate Change has already made the world three times more dangerous.

If you ever wondered why I am such an enthusiastic supporter of CGDT’s Greener ColGlen programme these stats give you the answer. They are all since the 1970s, my lifetime, from the World Meteorological Organisation report (here). The droughts of the 1980s are the outlier in these stats, or possibly the first major effect of global warming before we became a significantly wetter planet.

Increase in Global Threat

It has always been my view that Climate Change Denial is a betrayal of the planet and the human race and the more political mileage these lobby groups get the closer we get to the worst case scenarios as articulated by Mark Lynas in his book Six Degrees (ISBN: 9780007209057) – which I thoroughly recommend you read (or if you want to cut to the chase here’s a summary of his conclusions).

The fact that the world has become three times more dangerous since the seventies terrifies me, even though I live on the temperate West Coast of Scotland.

from the Guardian.