Three days of comparative dry, lots of raking, shovelling and digging, and we now have access at Dunans!

Today and yesterday we continued the consolidation of the drive at Dunans. The constant rain of the last 6 months has meant that we had not so much a track but a series of large ponds. The result, I hope you’ll agree is a vast improvement.

The contractor? Don’t be silly, that’s me and my mother with the blisters. Actually, more my blisters as I’ve not had the chance to wield a rake in anger since early last year. Thanks Ma, great job!

Photo of Dunans @sunset walking back to the house after a big day on the conservation plan.

Sometimes the interaction of landscape and building is stunning, although mere photos are often not able to catch the full width, breadth and height of the stunningness involved – and I suspect this is one such case. Lucky to live where I do.

#WorkinProgress on the #DunansCastle Conservation Plan book – a gallery of rather lovely rogues!

We’re really enjoying putting together the picture library for the book, which includes, naturally enough, a selection of photos taken of Lairds and Ladies while on tours in the grounds. We’ve included all of them on one page, and here’s the result. You’ll see all sorts of activity, but my favourite are the trio of Ladies with champagne about to have their picnic sometime last summer (and yes, I did quaff too!).

Its looking like the book, Conservation Plan for Dunans, will be published in the next month or so. More details to be announced soon!

Dunans Castle Ltd. gets its own site to signpost everything we’re doing!

We’re about to publish a couple of books, and because of that, and because it often helps external agencies to clarify what an organisation does, we decided to create a new corporate website for what we do.

The new website is here.

By the way the picture is of the date plaque on Dunans Bridge and it was taken in 2013 by Jean Donaldson of PowanMedia

The book of the Dunans Conservation plan is shaping up well …

This is one of my favourite spreads at the moment – with a picture taken in October of the full panorama of the top of the building.

We’re copy-editing at the moment and waiting to receive hi-res scans from the National Library of Scotland of some of the early Ordnance Survey maps – which have a surprising amount of the detail on them.

The book will be published in the next 6 weeks or so, with much fanfare and hullaballoo!

Misty, Moisty Tree Tops at Dunans Castle

The view from the cabin in the woods where the ScottishLaird team work.