New Signage to Welcome our Visitors: Fàilte do na Dùnanan

In the ongoing redesign of our signage, I have now got to the one which welcomes folk to Dunans. A bilingual sign, I’ve taken the opportunity to tie the whole visual aesthetic into the Dunans Rising tartan, as displayed in the logo middle top. I have also add a Tours panel and shown where to find the Lairds’ and Ladies’ plots. Parking areas are now also marked, and we’ve also got the route to the front of the castle in place. The non-public areas are also shown to avoid confusion, as is the site office – from which the business is run too.


This is also the sign which will initiate the marking out of the paths (finally). As you can see we have chosen white and purple and will mark the routes accordingly – so no more getting lost in the wilds of Dunans!!

I’ll show our markers when done – the purple is called ‘Summer Damson’…

Saturday Sawmill: Finally beginning the next stage of grounds management at Dunans

photo 2Its taken four weeks to get the Lucas Mill into place in the woodland at the top of the hill, but on Saturday I managed to get the first Larch logs through the mill. Over two hours I produced 30 4x1s as a test, and hope for my next session, sometime this week, I’ll be able to produce considerably more.

The timber will be used on more signage lecterns, boardwalks, seating and other such necessary visitor furniture!

photo 3

Thank Groupon Its Friday! Yes, we’re up to our knees in another Groupon UK Promo …

… beginning tonight at midnight, we have another UK promotion of our River titles. Not only that we’ve also been prepping Swedish and Danish campaigns while also fulfilling Norwegian and Finnish orders. Which is great because we also just heard that our architect, Robin Kent is about to start work on the first of our listed building consents for the Castle.


On another front, while entering the codes for the promotions, I’ve been designing new signage for the Drivehead. Not of course to replace the Dunans Castle sign, but to give clearer instructions to folk visiting. Right are the initial sketches …

And because it is Friday, and the photo amuses me greatly, here’s Barty bouncing through the Bluebells this May!

We Catch Fire with our #CalendarCompetition, and Laird James Morris’s new album …

Mixing two moments of greatness today at Dunans:


1. On tour today around Dunans with me was West Coast Alt. Rock singer songwriter, Laird James Morris, his mother, his father, and his very excellent bro. Not only did Mum buy the boys our fab new wool scarves and a tie each, I received a signed copy of James’s latest album Catch Fire (photo as above).

votes2. We have received over 120 entries for our Calendar competition or 1400 votes!!!! Great stuff, and the winner of the draw will receive a free copy of the finalised Calendar.

Vote here.

Delighted to announce our first reprint of Conservation Plan for Dunans today!

Very happy to announce that the sales of our Conservation Plan, both online and onsite at Dunans have been so good we have had to order a reprint of the book. Great situation to be in, and delighted that the investment in the design and print time has been worth it. This is also a testament both to the readability of Robin Kent’s report, and the interest that our Lairds and Ladies have shown in the project.

We’re anticipating high sales going into Christmas, so there’s likely to be a second reprint in September.

And here’s a question – what is the subtle difference between original print-run and this reprint? Answers in the comments please!

Hint: the photo is a clue!

The Design for the new Flag for the @DunansCastle Project is finalised!

dunanssaltireWe have recently had some requests for a Dunans Castle Project flag, one that all the Lairds and Ladies can get hold of and fly if and as they so desire. Well, today I am delighted to say, we have finalised our design and the order for the prototype has been made. Once we’ve received the flag we’ll check the colour reproduction, and adjust the final pantones accordingly.

All we need now is a flag pole!


Initial Enquiry into the Heritage Lottery Fund for Dunans Bridge Today!

… and they’ll be getting back to us in 10 days. As soon as they feedback we’ll report here. In the meantime here’s the detail of what we said:

Continue reading Initial Enquiry into the Heritage Lottery Fund for Dunans Bridge Today!

The Books have arrived: The copies of the Conservation Plan for Dunans arrived yesterday!


We are all delighted with them, and Monday will see the first copies sent out to all the Lairds and Ladies who have ordered them from

This first print run is nearly all sold, so if you wish to ensure you receive a copy quickly, please order now.


The Conservation Plan for Dunans, Lairds and Ladies edition is Published!


Both the commemorative edition for Lairds and Ladies, and the PDF version have finally been published on This marks the first stage in the consultation on the plan, and all answers will contribute to the development of our plans for the building, grounds and bridge.

Photo of Dunans @sunset walking back to the house after a big day on the conservation plan.

Sometimes the interaction of landscape and building is stunning, although mere photos are often not able to catch the full width, breadth and height of the stunningness involved – and I suspect this is one such case. Lucky to live where I do.