Thank Groupon Its Friday! Yes, we’re up to our knees in another Groupon UK Promo …

… beginning tonight at midnight, we have another UK promotion of our River titles. Not only that we’ve also been prepping Swedish and Danish campaigns while also fulfilling Norwegian and Finnish orders. Which is great because we also just heard that our architect, Robin Kent is about to start work on the first of our listed building consents for the Castle.


On another front, while entering the codes for the promotions, I’ve been designing new signage for the Drivehead. Not of course to replace the Dunans Castle sign, but to give clearer instructions to folk visiting. Right are the initial sketches …

And because it is Friday, and the photo amuses me greatly, here’s Barty bouncing through the Bluebells this May!

All the codes are in for Groupon promotions to Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark for the #ScottishLaird project

One of the major jobs needing done for every promotion we do with groupon is the generation and insertion of several thousand codes – now of course we automate this as much as possible, but the final task of loading the codes into the database is mine. It takes a while, maybe ten minutes a thousand codes and with this promo we had 8,000, so a good hour and a half with distractions, but its done now for the wonderful Nordic nations – time for a cup of tea and a Borders Biscuit.

And the image? Well, that’s the file with all the Danish codes formatted into a SQL query ready for copy and paste into phpmyadmin.