Big Dunans Rising Day: scarves & rugs are here and the Historic Scotland application is in!

The name of our tartan refers to the castle and to the effect of wearing, or rather purchasing, the tartan – that every time a person dons it, he or she will bring the castle’s restoration a step closer and the building will rise.

Today is a case in point: we received three boxes packed with scarves, stoles, serapes and sashes all in the Dunans Rising tartan. And just as the postman drove off (in a cloud of dust) I hit the send button on our Historic Scotland application for Dunans Bridge (in time for the deadline tomorrow).

Dunans is rising, slowly but surely. Next is the initial enquiry to the Heritage Lottery Fund, and then, well then comes the nail-biting wait.

But for those of you who have been hanging out for a scarf or two, they’ll be on the site next week….