#EarWorms: 4 tracks that have “for posterity” written all over them – @Spector, @TWBS, @DanielRateliff, @OVSC

These five are in my forever hundred. Thoroughly recommended, along with the albums and other tracks associated with. Well, maybe not all of OVSC’s oeuvre (particularly MILF … you have been warned).

  • The Wood Burning Savages, America – Why is this not a global hit? Northern Ireland’s next big export.
  • Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, Howling at Nothing, only slightly better than S. O. B. – an album of genius.
  • The Ouse Valley Singles Club, Girl from the Fens. Still listening to this, and still laughing! Who’d have thought … the video is priceless.
  • Spector, Bad Boyfriend. Keep coming back for more.

World Peace is None of Your Business: @Morrissey back on form and it’s #onmyplaylist

… not that I have followed the loquacious one’s career in any great depth, only noting sundry great tracks in passing, particularly First Of The Gang To Die, However, this album, with its rather catchy title, is, well, superb. Not that this surprises me particularly, but what does is that I’ve been listening to it pretty much non-stop while brewing the special sauce.

Here’s the link: World Peace Is None Of Your Business

We Catch Fire with our #CalendarCompetition, and Laird James Morris’s new album …

Mixing two moments of greatness today at Dunans:


1. On tour today around Dunans with me was West Coast Alt. Rock singer songwriter, Laird James Morris, his mother, his father, and his very excellent bro. Not only did Mum buy the boys our fab new wool scarves and a tie each, I received a signed copy of James’s latest album Catch Fire (photo as above).

votes2. We have received over 120 entries for our Calendar competition or 1400 votes!!!! Great stuff, and the winner of the draw will receive a free copy of the finalised Calendar.

Vote here.

Meet the Likely Lairds Radcliffe & Maconie from Radio 6 Music

Over the last twelve months the ScottishLaird office has spent its afternoons listening to the superbly funny Radcliffe & Maconie show on BBC Radio 6 Music. All of us have spent many frantic minutes trying to guess the Teatime Themetime feature – and to my shame I never, ever get it right.

A week or so ago there was a feature on silversmiths, one of whom volunteered to make the guys a crown. That turned out to be too expensive, so we thought we’d send over a Laird package for them.

Today the gentlemen announced their ascension to the ranks of our Lairds and Ladies.

Here’s the iPlayer catchup version of the show. 1 hour 41 mins

It sounds as though they were thoroughly entertained by the idea which is absolutely as it should be, as they have so thoroughly entertained us over the last year.

They are the “Likely Lairds” …

#onmyplaylist: @KateTempest debut album Everybody Down = greatness

Kate Tempest – Everybody Down

While I was working on spreadsheets I was looking for something that would keep me engaged. Saw this reviewed as 4 star, didn’t read the review, but saw Kate’s photo and thought to myself, well, there’s a face that I kind of recognise (can you guess who I was thinking of?). I’ll listen I thought. This is a hardcore album for those who prefer their music unfluffy, vexed and mostly verbal. Great rap. Acute observation. From South London. Reminds me of my time in North London & the Bush & Goldhawk Rd. “Chicken” especially is genius – makes the link between her beginnings as a performance poet and the music. Standout is ‘The Beigeness’ though.


In the presence of greatness: the album “Strangers” by Simone Felice is now #onmyplaylist

Simone Felice – Gettysburg

So its Alt. Country Folk. Lumineers provide some backing vocals. There’re some exquisite melodies. Great lyrics. Only half-way through. Superb!

Music for putting up shelves while its raining outside …

Ezra Furman – Day of the Dog

Along with the new Jake Bugg album, this inhabits my playlist every day!