Thinking about Christmas? We’ve a New Groupon UK offer from the 13th September!

We’re always delighted to work with Groupon, and this offer is no exception. There will be an opportunity to take up this offer until 2nd October, so plenty of time, and nice and early for Christmas!

Groupon offers like this have proved particularly important to the restoration project as they have brought us to a much wider market in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Without Groupon for example we would not have been able to move forward with the Conservation Plan as quickly, nor provided the match-funding for the restoration of the bridge.

For more information on what we are planning we have books, a Lairds and Ladies site, as well as the Dunans Castle Limited site.

(And for those of you who wonder about the technology which underpins our endeavours, we use a self-hosted WordPress blog, the wp e-commerce plugin and some very nifty proprietory addons to both – which enable both these offers and our other online operations.

We’re always innovating technically of course, and that’s one of my skills – I find the manipulation of mysql, php, css, etc. to make us a more efficient operation endlessly fascinating … for example, I have just realised that when entering voucher codes into our database, creating individual queries for each code is much more efficient – reducing input time from three hours to half an hour – more time to concentrate on the restoration project!)