Path at Stronafian Forest: First stage in the Community Woodland

This is yesterday in Stronafian Forest at the southern end. Our Project Officer Eamon King and his volunteers from Dunoon Help and Glendaruel have been working for a while now on our ongoing access project. The path takes walkers from the main forestry road onto a uneven, and very varied bluff which extends some 400 yards south and provides a lovely view of Loch Riddon, Bute and Tighnabruaich.

The team are now working on the access above the Clachan which will create paths in and around the lovely deciduous woodlands which contain some very interesting neolithic remains – all in time for the upcoming CWA conference.

Alternate Paths: Winter deluge creates opportunity to create a new loop at Dunans

As you may have gathered, we had a particularly destructive winter – or rather the weather during this last winter caused major destruction… we’ve had landslips and mud slumps, there are cracks in paths and repairs are a necessity. But in one stretch (where the landslip is) the difficulties in repair have meant that we have had to take the decision to create a new loop of pathway above the ravine. We’ve therefore utilised space created by our clearance of the invasive rhododendron ponticum to make the space we need.

The photos, taken a couple of weeks back show the beginnings – of course its muddy, its Argyll – and below these, I’ve included a capture of the new signage we’re having made to show visitors where to walk. Once the new cuts have stabilised, we’ll use geotextile to line the paths, wood milled onsite as edging and type one aggregate to provide the main body of the paths.

And an excerpt from the new sign … the yellow points show the new loop, and the faded mauve the closed paths.


New Signage to Welcome our Visitors: Fàilte do na Dùnanan

In the ongoing redesign of our signage, I have now got to the one which welcomes folk to Dunans. A bilingual sign, I’ve taken the opportunity to tie the whole visual aesthetic into the Dunans Rising tartan, as displayed in the logo middle top. I have also add a Tours panel and shown where to find the Lairds’ and Ladies’ plots. Parking areas are now also marked, and we’ve also got the route to the front of the castle in place. The non-public areas are also shown to avoid confusion, as is the site office – from which the business is run too.


This is also the sign which will initiate the marking out of the paths (finally). As you can see we have chosen white and purple and will mark the routes accordingly – so no more getting lost in the wilds of Dunans!!

I’ll show our markers when done – the purple is called ‘Summer Damson’…