Put ’em up? Put ’em UP?! Double trouble with the Wiz Around Oz and a certain angry hotelier for TWTC’s new tour

Always enjoy designing posters for TWTC, especially when its for the company’s new tour, this week visiting Norfolk and Suffolk, and later in the year Wales. Both Basil and Dorothy will get lots of outings and introduce the good “folks” to a new brand of form of gently interactive theatre – well aside from being harangued by Basil Fawlty …

The top shot is in Glendaruel during a performance of A Wiz Around Oz 

Doublebill-tour-front2-print Doublebill-tour-back2-print

Updating posters for @twtc today in a distillation of the TWTC & the West Coast of Scotland using Illustrator

powerof3This poster is one of two that TWTC asked me to design for their projected tours in the UK and North America this year. We had a lot of fun selecting the images of the performers – yes its Colin Little as Long John Silver on the right there – and iconic elements of the Scottish landscape. The tartan is of course ‘Dunans Rising’ from the ScottishLaird project!

The image was created using illustrator and the main font is called ‘Another’ – ‘Futura’ is of course  the other.