Congratulations to the ScottishLaird Team: #DunansCastle is a Groupon Local Star in Poland!

This is really testament to the hard work and good humour of our ScottishLaird team, big congratulations to Jean Donaldson (Powanmedia) and Colin Steedman who work tirelessly to make our promotions to Europe and beyond the success they are!

Watch out for new Scottish Laird promotions for Groupon UK and Ireland before the month is out!

In the meantime, we’ll let the email we just received speak for itself(!):



Competition to choose the images for our Dunans 2015 Calendar launches today!

We have a truly great photo library of images relating to Dunans Castle and Bridge, and we’d like to get as many folks as possible involved in choosing the best of our images for next year’s calendar. Everyone who makes their choices (and you can visit this page to do so) will be entered into our competition for a free copy when they come out in September.

Here are some of the images to whet your appetite, many of them taken by professional photographer Jean Donaldson (Powan Media)

To enter the competition, please click here.


Sheep inna windae: @thatpowanwoman takes photo of the week @DunansCastle

10353487_10152395438231224_840965589864182290_oThere is little else to say other than, the perfect photo is nothing more than composition, timing and subject. Jean nails it here IMHO.