Delighted to announce our first reprint of Conservation Plan for Dunans today!

Very happy to announce that the sales of our Conservation Plan, both online and onsite at Dunans have been so good we have had to order a reprint of the book. Great situation to be in, and delighted that the investment in the design and print time has been worth it. This is also a testament both to the readability of Robin Kent’s report, and the interest that our Lairds and Ladies have shown in the project.

We’re anticipating high sales going into Christmas, so there’s likely to be a second reprint in September.

And here’s a question – what is the subtle difference between original print-run and this reprint? Answers in the comments please!

Hint: the photo is a clue!

The Books have arrived: The copies of the Conservation Plan for Dunans arrived yesterday!


We are all delighted with them, and Monday will see the first copies sent out to all the Lairds and Ladies who have ordered them from

This first print run is nearly all sold, so if you wish to ensure you receive a copy quickly, please order now.


Dunans Castle Ltd. gets its own site to signpost everything we’re doing!

We’re about to publish a couple of books, and because of that, and because it often helps external agencies to clarify what an organisation does, we decided to create a new corporate website for what we do.

The new website is here.

By the way the picture is of the date plaque on Dunans Bridge and it was taken in 2013 by Jean Donaldson of PowanMedia

Laying out TWTC’s play “the Alloway Rap” into a New Book

Bringing Sadie’s modern version of Tam O’Shanter into print form for a new audience. The book will be another month or so in production and then be ready to download and/or buy as a hard-copy. Can’t wait – and the soft proofs I have onscreen now are looking really lovely. Properly readable too for a P1-P7 Cast. Pictures when the boss approves them!