#EarWorms: 4 tracks that have “for posterity” written all over them – @Spector, @TWBS, @DanielRateliff, @OVSC

These five are in my forever hundred. Thoroughly recommended, along with the albums and other tracks associated with. Well, maybe not all of OVSC’s oeuvre (particularly MILF … you have been warned).

  • The Wood Burning Savages, America – Why is this not a global hit? Northern Ireland’s next big export.
  • Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, Howling at Nothing, only slightly better than S. O. B. – an album of genius.
  • The Ouse Valley Singles Club, Girl from the Fens. Still listening to this, and still laughing! Who’d have thought … the video is priceless.
  • Spector, Bad Boyfriend. Keep coming back for more.

Sunny Day by RogerTaylor just reminded me how much I’ve missed Freddie Mercury

Sunny Day

Super, super song which just deserves the full Queen treatment. I know from years and years of listening to them that on every album Queen did Roger always brought two or three earth-shaking tracks to the table – often worldclass – like I’m in Love with My Car, Tenement Funster, A Kind of Magic and of course Radio Gaga. Sunny Day is a great, great song. Roger’s voice is so soulful, but I found myself really hankering after Freddie’s voice & Brian’s guitar, those harmonies, and the ineffable gorgeousness of one of the world’s great rock bands …

Right, off to listen to a classic, Sheer Heart Attack