All the codes are in for Groupon promotions to Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark for the #ScottishLaird project

One of the major jobs needing done for every promotion we do with groupon is the generation and insertion of several thousand codes – now of course we automate this as much as possible, but the final task of loading the codes into the database is mine. It takes a while, maybe ten minutes a thousand codes and with this promo we had 8,000, so a good hour and a half with distractions, but its done now for the wonderful Nordic nations – time for a cup of tea and a Borders Biscuit.

And the image? Well, that’s the file with all the Danish codes formatted into a SQL query ready for copy and paste into phpmyadmin.

Misty, Moisty Tree Tops at Dunans Castle

The view from the cabin in the woods where the ScottishLaird team work.