New Dunans Rising Tartan website: The Gift of Tartan for #DunansCastle

We’re always looking for ways to promote the restoration of Dunans Castle and the sale of products made from our tartan, Dunans Rising, is an ideal way of doing so.

In the registration of our tartan we say:

[….] for the use of those who have aided the restoration of Dunans Castle, including those who have contributed time, expertise or knowledge to the project (whether as part of a contract or voluntarily).

from the Tartan Register of Scotland

In other words, our lairds and ladies can wear the tartan by virtue of the fact that the titles they own have helped restore the castle. For those who buy the tartan, it becomes theirs by right because in the purchase they aid the castle’s restoration.

To promote this latter idea we have set up a new website, in which we offer our full tartan range – garments, accessories and soft toys – we hope you enjoy it!ourtartan-registration ourtartanbears

Just as a small note on the technical side of things. The new website uses a wordpress install, a .clothing domain and shopify [delivering the ecommerce side].

Dunans Rising Phone App: iOS & Android Released …

… and of course we are still adding content and material, but finally dear old Apple have given the go-ahead for our app, which is on the iTunes store as I type.

To download one or the other for a nominal fee, please go to our app page here.

The app brings news, photos, video and tweets directly to hand, with tour booking, audio tours, virtual tours and the tour calendar all included. We’ve also shoe-horned the shop in to enable easy tartan purchasing, as well as more details about how to reach us, how to save money on your bills and contribute to the restoration at the same time, how to locate your plot and how to find our geocache (The Laird’s Purse).

We’re now looking at a tablet app – a completely different challenge!

New Products on ScottishLaird: In time for Christmas, Caps, Waistcoats, Ladies Kilts and Sashes

We had a lot of fun putting together our Dunans Rising tartan range this year, and here’s the final batch – all available at the revamped in time for Christmas!!

Waistcoat for Ladies and Gentlemen
Ladies kilt
The fringes of our Dunans Rising Sash


In time for Christmas! Our new Lambswool Dunans Rising Tartan range is now online!

... soft serapes ...
… soft serapes …

We’ve finally managed to get our range of gorgeous lambswool items online and looking lovely. Find it here!

There’s a scarf, a stole, a blanket and a serape – all 100% pure New Wool in the Dunans Rising tartan – all in time for Christmas! But there’s limited stock!

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Fine New Wool Dunans Rising Scarves at – just beautiful!

The first of our gorgeous range of new wool items is now on our Scottish Laird website here.

We’re really proud of them, and will be adding more over the next couple of weeks. There will be various sizes of rug, a serape, a cap, waistcoat and other loveliness.

We’ll also be redesigning the website to make it much easier to get to the stuff you love – photos here by Jean Donaldson at Powan.

finescarf_sm finescarf-gunloop_sm

The tartan Dunans Rising puts Dunans Castle in the Herald after our recent order of 6 rolls from @ButeFabric

Delighted to be contributing to the £100K of orders of tartan at Bute Fabric which has given rise to stories in the Herald among others.

Here’s the link

And of course the picture is the tartan, as seen on Lairds, teddies and other wonderful merchandise at the ScottishLaird website