Archive for Lairds and Ladies: Surveys, Plans, Drawings and Notes are all available for members of the Lairds’ and Ladies’ site

Much of the work that has been undertaken this year by our professional team has been funded by all the titles and merchandise that have been purchased through the Scottish Laird project. The archive we are publishing on the Lairds’ and Ladies’ site is a detailed record of the outputs of that work. There are drawings for works on the bridge, preparatory sketches of the plans for the castle, fly-bys from laser surveys (like the image above) and much else besides.

A preview of the present list is shown below and is available to members of the site here.

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Gloriously Sunny September Sunday at Dunans

We’re awaiting the arrival of contractors for the investigatory works on the bridge, a meeting with the architect, and the reports on laser and bat surveys. In the meantime I am writing the business plan the bridge in order to consolidate the funding application to Historic Scotland. Its concentrated desk work, and for relief I took a walk in the pasture at the back of the castle yesterday, these photos are the result.